Hiervindjehet is specialised in the classic collection of Buffalo platformshoes.

When you buy in our shop, we understand you want to be 100% sure that you will get the item you ordered in a perfect condition. We ship all the shoes by REGISTERED mail.

We don't sell fake products. If you have some doubts, you can check multiple sources to verify: we have a FACEBOOKPAGE "hiervindjehet" where everyone can leave FEEDBACK. So, after you received your shoes, we encourage you to leave a review on our facebook page (section: "REVIEWS"), so that other buyers can see this is a reliable webshop.

We also sell our Buffalo shoes on EBAY, but we guarantee a better price in this webshop. However, if you want to check our feedback on eBay, you can easily find us, when you enter for example "buffalo 1339" or "buffalo 1348" on ebay.be or ebay.de. Our accountname on eBay is "platformshoes". Our actual FEEDBACK is 100% positive with more than 19.900 evaluations.

You also find us on instagram (hiervindjehet).

You can contact us via facebook, instagram, messenger, WhatsApp (+32 491 64 50 74) or email (hiervindjehet@yahoo.com). Our address is located in Belgium, 9880 AALTER, Grote Veldakker 13 (Kerckaert Filip).